Graph Theory, Algorithms and Applications


Centre "Ettore Majorana" for Scientific Culture
Erice, Italy


September 8 - 16, 2008


The huge number of application problems that can be modelled by means of graph theory, and the techniques used in this research area, require the interaction of different types of skills from several disciplines, such as, for example, mathematics, computer science, optimization, statistics, etc. In this context, however, there exist very few occasions and events promoting such an interaction. The school brings together, in a systematic and organic way, several competences from different disciplines on problems concerning graph theory. The intended audience is PhD students and junior researchers (including postdocs). The aim of the school is twofold. On the one hand, it aims at defining a common scientific framework in order to better relate the contributions coming from several researchers addressing the same problems by means of different theories and methodologies; on the other hand, the school will be an important occasion to foster collaborations and to exchange ideas among researchers that hardly have the opportunity of sharing the same scientific event. More in detail, the objectives of the school are:
  • emphasizing the importance and the potentialities of graph theory in solving more and more complex problems arising in real world applications;
  • explaining and presenting the classical methodologies, models and algorithms (belonging to different disciplines) that turned out to be the most important and efficient;
  • showing and pointing out the newest and most relevant research areas that are more suitable to model and describe the actual problems in the field of graph theory.