How to reach Erice



There are two airports close to Erice:

- Palermo has an international airport (Palermo Punta Raisi “Falcone e Borsellino” airport) with several domestic and international connections. Please see for more information.

- The airport in Trapani  (Trapani Birgi) is offering connections from and to major Italian destinations and low cost flights from and to .some European destinations. Please see for more information.

On arrivals and departures a free shuttle service - provided by the  E. Majorana Centre (EMFCSC) in Erice - will be run between the airports and Erice.


Starting from Rome you can take a direct train to Palermo (approximately 11-12 hours) and from there another train will take you to Trapani. From Milano you will probably need to change train either in Rome or Messina.

From Trapani train station you can reach Erice comfortably, with a taxi. Be sure to negotiate the price with the driver before taking the taxi. A bus service will also be available.

Please note that going by train from Palermo to Trapani usually is not a good idea, as there are no frequent trains. Alternatively from Palermo main train station (Palermo Centrale) you can go to Palermo airport (Palermo Punta Raisi) - there are trains and direct buses - and from there take the shuttle service provided by EMFCSC.


Coming from the north of Italy there are two possibilities:

a)  Drive all the way along the main Italian motorway “Autostrada del Sole” (A1 + A30) till Salerno then take the A3 (Salerno-Reggio Calabria) to reach Villa San Giovanni;  from Villa San Giovanni to Messina you need to take a ferry-boat (less than half an hour crossing) and then drive to  Erice (350 km from Messina, mostly motorway).

b) Take an overnight ferry from Genoa, Civitavecchia or Naples to Palermo, and then drive to Erice (100 km from Palermo). Advance booking for the ferry is required.